Pride Month!

So I’ve managed to reach the bottom of the rabbit hole – as the Internet does to one. Skittles new campaign to ditch the rainbow in support of Pride Month has got a lot of very opinionated people running their mouths of all over social media.

For the most part – the comments are positive and I’m allfor the campaign. As a human race its is important to show support for others humans in any which way and Skittles has upped the anti. Human beings, irrespective of their sexual preferences, race, gender and beliefs deserve to be supported. What, after all is the world without diversity?

But what I find incredibly fascinating, is the amount of hatred displayed in some of the comments. Even more disturbing (as a Christian woman, myself) is the amount of judgment and hate from Christians. Is this not hypocracy in its finest form? At what point did any human feel so empowered, so as to look down upon and shun another for their personal preferences?

During this month – let us fly the rainbow flag for those who are isolated on a daily basis because of who they choose to love.

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